Qualitative and quantitative composition :

Uroren is a herbal preparation containing standardized dry extract of birch leaves (Betula alba) 500 mg, Cranberry (cranberry) and 50 mg izsiplivche (Herniaria glabra) 100 mg.

Each capsule contains the following uroren biologically active substances : flavonoids, tetracyclic triterpenes , saponins , coumarins , poantotsianidi , anthocyanins ( cyanidin and quercetin ) and others.


– Inflammatory diseases of the uro – genital system ( cystitis , urethritis , pyelonephritis ) – helps to eliminate the causes of urinary infections – genital tract and relieves the symptoms of pain and burning during urination , accelerates the flow of urine and inhibit harmful bacteria in the urinary – sexual systems. Reduces exacerbations of chronic urinary disorders – the reproductive system .

Enhances the effect of the administered antibiotic .

– Renal – stone disease – speeds of fragments of kidney stones after lipotripsiya reduces the risk of new stone formation and prevent infection from injured tissue , urinary tract , increasing urine output , normal pH ( acidity ) of urine , soothes infections in the renal pelvis, inhibits the precipitation of calcium ions and accelerates the removal of urine.

– Inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract during pregnancy – cystitis , pyelonephritis , hydronephrosis transient when squeezed from the fruit of the ureters .

– Urinary tract infections in childhood

– Gout – accelerates the secretion of uric acid in the urine. Reduce levels of uric acid in the blood.

The flavonoid quercetin decreases the activity of the enzyme xanthine oxidase and xanthine dehydrogenase, which have an important role in the pathogenesis of gout.

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