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URINORMAL – 320 mg.

30 capsules


Sao Palma is a small palm tree of southern United States. The fruit of the palm for centuries been used by North American Indians for medicinal purposes.

Their useful properties have benefited mainly men, most often to maintain a healthy prostate and relieve urinary discomfort. For medical purposes is the mature fruit of the palm. The active components of the plant are phytosterols which exert a tonic effect on the male reproductive system, slow prostatic hyperplasia, normal testicular function, enhance spermatogenesis and inhibit the development of impotence. It is suggested that the mechanism of action of biologically active components of the extract is as follows:

– Reduce the activity of the enzyme 5 α-reductase, which controls the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, but also hinders the binding of DHT to cellular receptors, weakening him too pronounced hormonal effects;

– Also inhibits another enzyme – aromatase, which converts testosterone to estradiol and other female hormones, estrogen hard to connect with its receptors, thereby reducing adverse effects on the prostate and male bodies as a whole.

The two effects act simultaneously.



Slows benign prostate enlargement, which is a natural process of aging gland.

Relieves symptoms of inflammation already begun the process of prostatic hyperplasia and slows progression of the disease:

– Reduces the frequency and the pressing urgency;

– Increase the functions of the genitourinary system;

– Allows maintenance of sexual function.



1 capsule daily with meals. Do not exceed recommended dose.


Each capsule contains: Extract Sao saw palmetto 320 mg and Vitamin E – 5 mg


STAFF RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE: extract 320 mg saw palmetto Sao and Vitamin E – 5 mg

Other ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, water colors / E124, E172

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