Synchroline Rosacure Intensive spf 30 x30 ml


Synchroline Rosacure Intensive –   Protective, hydrating and calming cream.



Synchroline Rosacure Intensive spf 30 is designed for sensitive skin prone to redness, with a high sun protection factor SPF30. Hydrates and protects the skin, protecting against water loss and reducing symptoms of rosacea, which are expressed by small dilated blood vessels and redness. They are most often formed in the area of the nose and cheeks as a result of various factors – climate changes, stress, increased workload, etc. It is available in a 30 ml package

Synchroline Rosacure Intensive 30 ml. is an intensive rosacea cream with a high sun protection factor that hydrates and soothes the skin. The cream protects against ultraviolet rays, as it contains the latest generation of UVA (PPD-15) and UVB (SPF-30) sun filters, which inhibit and reduce skin erythema as a result of solar radiation. Symptoms such as visible small blood vessels on the face and redness seen in people suffering from rosacea may appear only temporarily or permanently; everywhere or to be concentrated only in precisely defined areas. They manifest themselves with different intensity; very often they are associated with the appearance of small visible dilated blood vessels, mostly on the nose and cheeks. Many factors cause the appearance of these symptoms: cold climate, UV rays, emotional stress, sudden changes in temperature, hot drinks, physical exertion, spicy food, inappropriate cosmetics. After using the cream, the skin is hydrated, calm and velvety soft.

How to use Synchroline Rosacure Intensive face cream for skin with rosacea SPF 30 x30 ml.


Apply twice a day after cleansing the face with the other products from Synchroline’s ROSACURE range. For a stronger healing effect in the evening, it is recommended to use roscure fast. It can also be used as a makeup base. Suitable for year-round use.

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