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Revive Snails Extract®
The beauty is in our nature. We give it all the attention it deserves and in return it bestows on us its best, because we know that the healthy and shiny skin is what everybody wants. 
This is the simple secret hidden in every product of REVIVE SNAILS EXTRACT®. You can feel that every day. Because REVIVE SNAILS EXTRACT® revives the skin. Your life – the most beautiful thing on earth.
Our mission is to satisfy your necessity of high-quality natural products, which meet your needs and make your skin feel really good. 
REVIVE SNAILS EXTRACT® is a Bulgarian company, dedicated to processing snails extract. We carefully select the natural resources used in our products, and we have successfully developed standardization of our production lines. We exercise uncompromising quality control in compliance with the European requirements.
Our goal is to be the preferable natural cosmetics brand not only on the Bulgarian market. We can achieve that with our excellent quality and constant aspiration for expansion of our product range. Meeting the high standards through constant tests and development, we, in REVIVE SNAILS EXTRACT® strive to provide our clients with better and innovative products. 
The main active ingredient of Revive snails extract is obtained in a natural way from live snails without causing any harm to the snails. Our snails extract contains only natural constituents in unaltered natural quality.
Allantoin – removes dead cells and stimulates the generation of new skin cells. It helps to maintain or restore the balance of skin hydration and thus helps to rejuvenate your skin.
Collagen – a protein and natural component of the human skin – makes your skin smoother, more resilient and helps to reduce wrinkles
Elastin – a protein which restores or improves the smoothness and resilience of your skin.
Vitamins A, C , E – regenerate and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin.
     Vitamin A – supports the formation of new tissue
     Vitamin C – is a powerful anti-oxidant
     Vitamin E – protects your skin from the interaction with free radicals and thus helps to prevent premature aging.
Glycolic acid – cleanses the skin from dead cells and supports the generation of new cells.

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Revive Snails Extract

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