REVITAL TONIC 5 Vials x 10ml


for atonic and devitalized skin, stretch marks



Exclusive formula consisting of fermented papaya , melon The extract , lipoic acid , and N- acetylcysteine ​​. It is an antioxidant and firming body treatments . Application: devitalized skin, atonic skin , stretch marks .
Designed for specific areas of the body such as the neck , upper arms, inner thighs and abdominal oblast.Tova is revitalizing and firming treatment that restores skin tone and its glitter , creating an instant ” silk ” effect. INGREDIENTS : Fermented Papaya : Papaya belongs to the family of Cricacee and is rich in vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin C has powerful antioxidant properties associated with free radicals and boost the immune system. Another important ingredient of the Pope is α- tocopherol (vitamin E) protects the skin from the negative effect of the environment. In fact , vitamin E protects the cell membranes of the aging process / lipoperoxidation / capillary and from damage . Pope, moreover, helps the skin to restore its elasticity through its powerful antioxidant and antibacterial and by exfoliating action it contains enzymes.
Melon From moment of their formation , the free radicals are active in our body , but over time they become more numerous because of the normal everyday processes , such as perspiratsiyata skin , and also as a consequence of the action of external factors such as pollution environmental application of chemicals and electromagnetic waves. The main ingredient , extracted from the seeds of the melon is Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), which act directly as an antioxidant. REVITAL TONICLipoevata acid : It is one of the best antioxidants because of its power to neutralize free radicals in all areas of cell / lipophilic and hydrophilic / . This is one of the main differences between α- lipoic acid and other antioxidants such as vitamin C , vitamin E and β – karotina.N –
Acetylcysteine ​​: Also known as NAC, it is a toxic substance with powerful antioxidant properties. The structure of the molecule allows it to easily penetrate through cellular membranes. NAC plays a key role in maintaining an adequate level of glutathione (GSH) in cells , protecting them from the toxic effects of the environment. Use: Visible results can be seen after 4 sessions over a year. Each session contains 5 treatments. It is recommended to do two treatments a week. Ingredients: Sterile cosmetic solution for professional use in a vial of 10 ml .
Storage: Store the product at a temperature no higher than 25 º C. Do not expose to direct sunlight .

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