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Novophane product against hair loss, nail care and beautiful skin.
We lose our hair every day. That’s why we have to pay attention to the amount of hair loss.
Brittle nails, change in hair quality, temporary hair loss.
In alopecia of various origins, and low fractional hair growth disorders and hair structure.
In brittle, splitting and nail dystrophy.

Novophane Capsules against hair loss, nail dystrophy from ACM Laboratorie


The origin of changes in the growth and quality of hair and nails is often multifactorial.

The use of a complete formula is important in achieving efficient treatment.

Novophane capsules is a complete formula that brings together all the nutrients that support the production of keratins of the nails and hair.

These include:

sulphur amino acids (cystin and methionin).

vitamins and oligo-elements dosed in accordance with the daily recommended allowance (DRA).

Directions for use

2 capsules per day for a minimum of 2 to 3 months.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep out of reach of young children.

Taking Novophane capsules should not replace a balanced diet.

Active ingredients

Sulfur amino acids (methionine and cystine), Vitamins (B6, B5, B2, Biotin and e) and Oligo-elements (iron, zinc, magnesium)

multi-vitamin called NOVOphane ( french medicine )

here are the vitamins and minerals etc…

Cystine200 mg

Methionine200 mg

Vitamin C / ascorbic acid60 mg

Vitamin E10 mg

Vitamin B5 / panatothenic acid6 mg

Vitamin B62 mg

Vitamin B2 / riboflavin1.6 mg

Vitamin H / Biotin150 ug

Iron14 mg

Zinc14 mg

Magnesium45 mg

Lipids0.09 g

Proteins0.4 g

Glucids0.3 g

this is the daily intake of 2 pills morning and night.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 60 g




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