Mud face mask-100ml “COOL NYMPH”


Mud face mask-100ml “COOL NYMPH” If you have sensitive and problematic skin, the Sea Stars Cool Nymph Cleansing Mud Mask for face and body is just right for you.

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Mud face mask-100ml “COOL NYMPH” If you have sensitive and problematic skin, the Sea Stars Cool Nymph Cleansing Mud Mask for face and body is just right for you. Powerful detox effect for calmer and hydrated skin. The curative mud from the Black Sea salt lakes and the stabilized Black Sea lye relax and tone the treated areas.

For every skin type.

NO PARABENS. Face and body mask for sensitive and problematic skin. It has a deep cleansing, mineralizing, detoxifying, soothing, regenerating and hydrating effect on the skin, protects it from the formation of wrinkles and aging, gives it freshness, smoothness, elasticity and shine. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Relaxes and tones the body.

Application method: 

Part of the mask is applied in a thick layer (1-2 mm) on clean and dry skin (face, neck, décolleté, whole body). After a stay of 20-30 minutes, wash thoroughly with lukewarm water. It is applied from 1 to 3 times a week.

Active ingredients:

Healing mud from the Black Sea salt lakes

High content of biologically active organic and mineral substances, microalgae and microfauna typical for our salt lakes.

Mineralizes the body, acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, accelerates the spread of edema and enhances tissue regeneration.

Stabilized Black Sea lye

A solution with a rich, physiologically important, mineral composition (300-350 g / l salts), microalgae and microfauna typical of our salt lakes. The content of the nutrient magnesium is dominant.

Magnesium (the content of magnesium salts is up to 295 g / l) is an extremely important biogenic element, useful for the human and animal organism, with a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, hair, nails and others.

It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect in aseptic and bacterial inflammation;

Stimulates protective reactions and regenerative tissue processes in the body;

Seaweed extract

It has a rejuvenating, softening and hydrating effect on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cellulite effects. Contains amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides, mineral salts.

St. John’s wort extracts

St. John’s wort extract has high antibacterial activity in inflammatory processes.

Yarrow extract

Yarrow extract has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, protects the skin from infections and irritations.

PRODIZIA, Albizia julibrissin extract, Persian silk tree

PRODIZIA, the extract of Persian silk tree, restores and protects protein structures, increases cell vitality, optimizes energy synthesis, strengthens the integrity of the capillary network. Regulates the synthesis of the powerful anti-oxidant melatonin, restoring and protecting cellular functions during sleep, and restores the rhythm of stressed cells.

Vitamin E

Active antioxidant. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, preserves its elasticity, removes inflammation and irritation. Hydrates and nourishes hair, promotes hair growth, gives it shine.

White huma (kaolin)

Cleanses the skin, nourishes it, tones and regulates the sebum secretion of cells, heals injured areas and helps destroy toxins. Gives smoothness and elasticity to the skin.

Mud face mask-100ml “COOL NYMPH” Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Kaolin, Healing mud, Cetyl isononanoate, Glycerin, Magnesium chloride, Magnesium sulfate, Propylene glycol, Hypericum perforatum extract, Achillea millefolium extract, Fucus vesiculosus extract, Ceteareth-12, Cetearyl alcohol, Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Glyceryl stearate, Cetyl palmitate, Ceteareth-20, Phenoxyethanol, Albizia julibrissin bark extract, Tocopheryl acetate, Parfum,



Sea Stars

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