Migrenon is a natural product with favorable effect on the strength and

frequency of migraine attacks and improves quality of life.

What does Migrenon contain?

Standardized extract of Tanacetum parthenium. One Solucaps contains

over 0.43 m







Life Without Headache  

What is it? 

Migrenon is a natural product with favorable effect on the strength and 

frequency of migraine attacks and improves quality of life. 

What does Migrenon contain? 

Standardized extract of Tanacetum parthenium. One Solucaps contains 

over 0.43 mg parthenolid, the active ingredient of Migrenon. 

Why is Migrenon so special? 

Its ingredient is obtained by a patented process of vacuum extraction. 

A 25 times higher concentration is obtained with it in comparison to 

the standard procedure of extraction. In Migrenon a natural product 

with such purity and effectiveness is obtained for the first time. The 

pharmaceutical form Solucaps is a  trade mark of Borola. This form 

allows quick and complete absorption of the active ingredient. 

How does Migrenon work? 

The ingredient of Migrenon is parthenolid. It suppresses chemical 

reactions which lead to migraine headache. In cases of impaired 

function of thrombocytes, the neuromediator serotonin is released 

causing migraine attacks. Parthenolid also exerts it’s effect by 

regulating the release of serotonin. Migrenon influences positively the 

vascular smooth muscle which is related to the migraine pain. 

Has Migrenon ingredient other beneficial effects? 

It has a beneficial effect in other types of headache, rheumatic pains, 

spasm of smooth muscles, for example spasms of uterus and in cases 

of fever. 

When to use Migrenon? 

In migraine and other types of headaches including menstrual 

headaches. It favorably influences  the attacks, the pain intensity, 

nausea and vomiting. 

How to take Migrenon?  

One Solucaps up to 3 times daily after meal. During severe migraine – 

1 capsule additionally. Migrenon may be combined with analgesics or 

other medicaments for migraine. 


How to use Migrenon  in children? 

It is recommended to consult a physician before use of Migrenon in 

children. The daily dose is 1-2 Solucaps depending on the age and 

weight of the child. 

When to expect a result? 

Sometimes the effect does not appear immediately but 2-3 weeks later 

and that is why physicians prescribe a longer treatment course. 

Are there any undesirable reactions? 

Migrenon is a natural product and is  practically safe. It is very well 

tolerated during long-term application. Do not stop treatment abruptly. 

Migrenon is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. 


The product has been manufactured in France in compliance with the 

highest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Migrenon® is a 

trade-mark. Migrenon is a food supplement. Store at a temperature 

below 30º С, do not leave reach of children. 

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