Buy Imunoborprice 14.8800 for sale. If you feel always tired and fatigued You need Imumobor.If wound healing is impaired





Powerful Immunomodulator

– If you often suffer from recurrent infections
– If infections run severely and is protracted
– If wound healing is impaired
– If you feel always tired and fatigued You need Imumobor


It contains four complementary natural products connected to the immunity. Each capsule contains high quality extracts of Uncaria tomentosa (Cat’s Claw), Pau D’arco, Maca root and Yerba mate. They are the most powerful immune enhancing herbs of all the herbs native to the Peruvian Amazon. Their powerful immunostimulating effect has been known from Antiquity.


Imunobor has immuno-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect. It prevents the organism from bacterial, viral and fungal infections. There are data that it may suppress cancer cell development. It helps the normal functioning of the digestive system. Besides Imunobor shows antioxidant and anti-stress effect. It improves physical, mental and sexual ability. It has a general tonic effect. It is supposed that Imunobor ingredients have the following mechanism of action: they stimulate anti-bodies and cells production, have direct anti-microbial effect and owing to the rich content of bioactive ingredients increase the protective forces of the organism.


Imunobor has favorable effect in:
– Frequent illness
– Infections
– Prophylaxis
– Chronic fatigue
– Neoplasm
– Wound healing


1 capsule 3 times daily during the first 10 days, after that 1-2 capsules daily as maintaining therapy.

Safety Issues

Imunobor is a natural product and is practically safe. No undesirable effects have been observed.
Imunobor should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.
The product has been manufactured in the USA in compliance with the highest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Imunobor® is a trade-mark. Imunobor is a food supplement. Store at a temperature below 30? С, do not leave reach of children.

The Immune System And Good Health

The immune system is the basis of the good health. It protects the organism from infections and other diseases. Stress, overwork, poor nutrition, use of antibiotics, chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes) and other factors lead to weakening of the immune system. Then the organism becomes susceptible to viral, bacterial and other infections. They run severely, with long duration and the organism recovers slowly. The impaired immunity is also a reason for malignant diseases.

You can boost your immune system by:

– Overcoming the stress
– Avoiding physical and psychological exhaustion
– Proper nutrition
– Regular intake of Imunobor

Imunobor helps the organism to overcome itself the diseases.
Use Directions:
1 capsule 3 times daily during the first 10 days, after that 1-2 capsules daily as maintaining therapy.

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Additional information

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