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Hepatostim is an herbal product for the liver and bile. Supports normal function of liver and bile. Favorable effect on metabolic processes. Assists in reducing inflammation and spasms of the gall bladder and helps prevent the formation of gallstones. Contribute to improve washout of liver function and reduction of high cholesterol and lipids in the blood. Dr. Toshkov cure all diseases of the liver and bile ducts, including hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and folded inflamed gallbladder and fatty liver with Hepatostim. 

Is there any undesirable and side effects? 

Hepatostim no undesirable side effects. The product is marketed in 10 years and tolerance towards it is proven positive. Hepatostim overdose can be obtained. Hepatostim can not harm you because it is a real natural product, beneficial to your health. As it is not addictive and there are no toxic or allergic reactions. 

How and why created HEPATOSTIM? 

Hepatostim is specifically designed to contribute to improve washout of liver function. Contained in the product herbs help the body normalize cholesterol and blood lipids and gradually improve liver function, which is especially important for the nervous system and blood supply. Very often, chronic headaches, chronic fatigue, brain and joint pain due to decreased protective function of the liver. In a combination of impaired renal function and liver disease occurs gout, urate crystals in which are deposited in the joint system. Many wrongly gout be considered joint disease. According to Dr. Toshkov liver diseases always react on the skin, circulatory system and function of the brain. The combination of herbs in Hepatostim has integrated a beneficial effect on bile and liver, pancreas and fat metabolism. 

Stock (1 tablet in milligrams) 

– Willow Calamus 25 mg. 

– Water clover 15 mg. 

– Lady's bedstraw 25 mg. 

– Zhivovlek 20 mg. 

– Inulin 175 mg. 

– Nettle 20 mg. 

– Fennel 25 mg. 

– Gentian 15 mg. 

– White Thorn 35 mg. 

– Dandelion 20 mg. 

– Ginseng 20 mg. 

– St. John's Wort 15 mg. 

– Whip 15 mg. 

– Neven 25 mg. 

– Rosemary 25 mg. 

– Chicory 25 mg. 

Herbs used in Hepatostim have proven origin and the highest quality in Bulgaria. Collected in the cleanest regions of Bulgaria – Rhodope Mountains, Rila, Pirin and Stara Planina. They are prepared for maximum ease by the patients. Does not contain preservatives, coloring agents and stabilizers. 

What is inulin and how does it work? 

Inulin – an important component in the development of the herbal product that is a natural plant extract of chicory. Inulin is a prebiotic that supports the development of Bifidus bacteria in the digestive tract. When one accepts inulin for 14 days increased by 70% the amount of Bifidus bacteria and improves by 50% the absorption of trace elements calcium, magnesium and iron. This makes inulin invaluable in treating disbakterioza and osteoporosis.

Use Directions:

Hepatostim is taken from 3 to 6 tablets daily after meals and the maintenance dose recommended by Dr. Toshkov is 3 tablets daily. Hepatostim favorable effect of the liver occurs after the first month of administration. To achieve permanent results it should be taken continuously (at least 4-6 months).

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