Composition of the additive :

Each capsule contains a standardized extract from Hawthorn (extr. Crataegus monogyna) -100 mg, wheatgerm oil – 20 mg, magnesium (Mg) – and 5 mg Lactose – 75 mg.

The recommended maximum daily dose of six capsules comprising: a standardized extract from Hawthorn (extr. Crataegus monogyna -600 mg, wheatgerm oil – 120 mg, magnesium (Mg) – 30 mg of lactose and – 450 mg


Route of administration and dosage:

1 to 2 capsules 3 times a day before meals .


Contraindications and side effects:

dietary supplement is not suitable for children under 12 years of age and pregnant karmachki .


Operation of the ingredients in a food supplement Hawthorn , magnesium and provitamin E:

– Standardized extract of hawthorn support the work of the heart muscle and coronary arteries , especially the elderly. The active ingredients of the extract of hawthorn benefited

function of the arteries and the flow of fresh oxygenated blood .

– After one intake can optimize the functional status of the heart and circulatory system

– Magnesium enhances the action of the extract of hawthorn by supporting the natural absorption of oxygen.

– Provitamin E / wheatgerm oil / assisted circulatory activity and function of the blood vessel walls .

– This preparation improving the functional capacity of the heart in the elderly as reasonably achievable.

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Additional information

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