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Buy ginkgo focus price 13.8800 for sale GinkoBiloba a strong antioxidant and helps to preserve the eyes, cardiovascular and central nervous system in good condition.




Ginko Focus


Ginkgo Focus is a completely natural product derived from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba – the oldest tree in the world, in existence for over 200 million years.

Ginkgo Biloba is a unique tree with no living relatives. In China, the ginkgo is cultivated at least 1,500 years. It was brought to Europe in the 18th century and is today one of the most extensively studied herbs in the world. Now ginkgo is cultivated worldwide in parks and gardens, including Bulgaria. A curious fact is that several ginkgo trees are among the only living survivors of the atomic explosion over Hiroshima, only 1-2 km from the explosion site.

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the first herbs in the world and today remains one of the most commonly used. Discovered fossils of this plant showed that it has not changed over the centuries. Its qualities are the same today:

One of its main properties is to improve peripheral circulation, ie blood flow to the limbs, brain and sex organs.

Its leaves contain 198 active ingredients that reduce holesterola maintain elasticity of blood vessels, eliminate free radicals, stimulate the brain, enhance memory.

GinkoBiloba has strong antioxidant and contributes to preserving the eye, cardiovascular and central nervous system in good condition.

Also beneficial for all conditions due to inadequate blood supply – memory loss, senile dementia, tinnitus, dizziness, headache, impotence, peripheral vascular disorders.

Each capsule contains: Ginkgo Biloba 100 mg.

Usage: 1 capsule daily with meals.

Application of GinkoFokus:

Improves circulation-brain and extremities.

Supports brain functions – memory and concentration.

Suitable for people suffering from cold extremities.

Contributes to slowing the aging process.

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