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Buy Forest pharmacy Pack.The healing properties of the plants are known for centuries.



Buy FOREST PHARMACY – Special care from Natural Biocare.

For Your face and body – products, based on the Nature’s gifts.
The healing properties of the plants are known for centuries. That’ why, in the products from the series FOREST PHARMACY we have put only the best of Nature- over 30 extracts from healing plants, 5 Vitamins and 5 valuable essential oils form the basis of the special products, while science has managed to provide efficiency and the power of effect of natural ingredients.

Meticulously developed, BIO and natural, the cosmetic products from the series “Forest Pharmacy” will help preserve your natural beauty and health.

Your skin deserves effective and natural BIO products.
Everyone’s life is beautiful and unique in all its aspects. Use the products of the FOREST PHARMACY series on a daily basis, because we support harmony with Nature.



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