FIXER™ is a brand new product initially created as an alternative to botulinum toxin, but it actually represents the first true non-toxic muscle relaxant revitalizer able to reduce, without paralyzing, the depth of wrinkles.

Main components
– Acetyl Hexapeptide 8: is a polypeptide widely used in aesthetic medicine for its muscle relaxant characteristics. It inhibits the fusion of neurotransmitter vesicles at a pre-synaptic level causing a partial and reversible blockage of the electrical impulse.
– Acetyl Hexapeptide 30: is the isoform peptide similar to hexapeptide 8, but stronger and more efficient. Even in this case, the polypeptide sequesters calcium at the presynaptic level inhibiting the fusion of neurotransmitter vesicles.
– DMAE: has a direct tensor action on collagen fibers thanks to the partial denaturation ability of the tertiary structure of fibers, as well as a stimulating action towards dermal fibrocytes with a revitalizing effect.
– Hibiscus Esculentus extract: (INCI list: Hydrolized Hibiscus Esculentus Extract) derives from a South American plant known since ancient times for its regenerating, smoothing, and antispasmodic actions. American researchers have discovered that, when applied on the skin, it develops an effective anti-aging action. They also demonstrated in an in vitro test that, thanks to its high concentration of natural “biomimetic” oligopeptides, it inhibits muscle contraction with a cosmetic effect, which is reflected on the skin as: “reduction of expression lines.” * This innovative test was performed on cell cultures that mimic facial muscle hypermobility and it was found that Hibiscus Esculentus expresses a muscle-relaxing mechanism that inhibits the frequency of contractions, mimicking the action of botulinum toxin and with an effect that lasts for hours. Hibiscus oligopeptides are small protein fractions that consist of 3-4-6 amino acids in a well predetermined sequence that reproduce important protein synthesis’s similar to those of dermis supporting structures (collagen and elastin), reinforcing them and countering the degradation due to age and environmental aggressors. Researchers have also shown that Hibiscus has a strong antioxidant activity, inhibiting the formation of free radicals and therefore increasing the skin’s defenses against exogenous and endogenous aggressions.

*Source: Oligopeptides from Hibiscus Esculentus seeds to smooth expression lines- I.Benoit, L.Danoux& coll

This extract, obtained with highly sophisticated purification processes, is:
• rich in substances with firming actions
• rich in antioxidants
• rich in proteolytic enzymes
• rich in emollient substances                                                              

Other components of the product are:
– Camelia Sinensis Extract: rich in polyphenols such as gallocatechine, has a powerful radical scavanger action
– Caprylic Glycol: Diolic alcohol with antibacterial and moisturizing effects able to bind large quantities of water in the dermis.

Frequency of treatments: the number of treatments depends on the type of skin to treat. Results are visible starting from the first sessions.
Composition: the product, a cosmetic sterile solution for professional use, is contained in three 10 ml vials each usable for a maximum of 15 treatments.
Storage: it is suggested to keep the product refrigerated.
Do not expose to sunlight.

With these premises, the Therapeutic Indications of the product have significantly enlarged compared to the starting point, and currently are:
• skin distension
• average deep wrinkles
• lifeless and dull skin
and also…
• mandibular area of the face
• breast (for cutaneous improvement inject above bra straps and under the gland)
• arms (triceps skin laxity)
• periumbilical area
• hyperhydrosis
• eyebrows (lifting effect)
• double chin