Ducray Squanorm Anti Dandruff Shampoo with Zinc 200ML


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Ducray Squanorm Anti Dandruff Shampoo with Zinc 200ML

Anti-dandruff shampoo. 

Dry films. 

Sustaining the elimination of dry dandruff. 

Cleanses the scalp. 

The acceleration of desquamation of the scalp, associated with an excessive presence of yeast (Malassezia type) leads to the formation of dandruff. When these dander (dead cells) fall, it is called dry dandruff. When acceding to the scalp, due to hyper-seborrhea, we speak of greasy dandruff. This shampoo removes from the 1st dandruff shampoos dry with selenium disulfide. Associated with the Ichthyol, active anti-irritant specific dandruff, the return to equilibrium of the scalp is guaranteed. Squanorm is particularly pleasant to use thanks to its creamy texture. Your hair quickly regains radiance and health. 

Use 2 times a week for at least 6 weeks. 

Avoid contact with eyes or damaged skin. 


Formula INCI: Aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, polysorbate-20, Phthalic acid amide dihydrogenated tallow, decyl glucoside, ceteareth-60 myristyl glycol, lauryl betaine, betaine undecylenamidopropyl, selenium sulfide, sodium sulfonate shale oil, parfum (fragrance), magnesium aluminum silicate , methylisothiazolinone, Sorbic acid. 

Dermatologist tested.


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