Bactosan Clear Complexion 40 caps


Bactosan Clear Complexion Nutritional help for skin’s impurities. For blemishes and other skin’s outer problems. Leaves skin hydrated, retains skin’s natural pH-balance.

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Bactosan Clear Complexion 40 caps.


Bioactive peptide capsule.


• Nutritional help for skin’s impurities

• For blemishes and other skin’s outer problems

• Leaves skin hydrated, retains skin’s natural pH-balance

Bactosan capsules contain standardised Praventin® bioactive peptide mixture. It supports healthy immune functions and nourishes skin from inside.  The active ingredients in Praventin®, including lactoferrin rich in milk protein fractions, prevent harmful microbe growth on skin and nourish it from inside. This is based on its anti-inflammatory (decreases erythema), antimicrobic (prevents the growth of harmful microbes), and antioxidant effects (fastens the recovery of skin damages).

In clinical studies the subjects were given 200 mg of Praventin®. The first results could be seen after two weeks and in eight weeks 76 % saw a noticeable improvement on their skin: less pimples, redness and greasiness. 83 % said they would continue taking Praventin®. Results were analysed by an independent dermatologist and it was concluded that there was an average 95 % decrease in blemishes. After the supplementation blemishes might appear again easily thus it is recommended to continue the usage until the hormonal balance is normalised. The results are independent from age, sex or race. Clinical studies have been done in USA, India and Korea in different age groups.

Bactosan is a nutritional help against blemishes and other skin’s outer problems. It maintains skin’s natural hydration and pH-balance, reduces redness and enhances the recovery of skin damages. In addition, it supports healthy immune functions, stimulates healthy intestinal flora and enhances the bioavailability of iron. Praventin is Generally Recognized as Safe [GRAS], studies confirmed no side effects.


Ingredients in Daily dosage (1 caps.):

Praventin® -bioactive peptid mixture 200 mg

Microcrystalline cellulosa E 460,  E 551

Gelatin (capsule shell)

Color E 171 (capsule shell)



One capsule per day with liquid. Not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.


Contains no gluten, sweeteners or yeast.




40 capsules / 14 g

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