Anti-cellulite gel white grape 180 ml Bilka


Anti-cellulite gel white grape 180 ml Bilka.
Buy Anti-cellulite gel white grape. Extremely effective formulation, based on the latest knowledge about the effectiveness of peptides over the skin, combining the action of the active substances with natural extract of white grape.




Anti-cellulite gel 180 ml.
Highly effective formula with caffeine, menthol and natural herbal extracts acting synergistically to reduce cellulite. Visibly tightens and smoothes the skin in the thighs and problem areas. Pleasantly cooling and light, the anti-cellulite gel quickly penetrates and effectively attacks cellulite by improving microcirculation in the intercellular space of the affected areas. It smooths the “orange skin” and stretch marks, gives a tight look and visually improves the silhouette.

Active ingredients:
Caffeine – a proven stimulant with a powerful lipolytic effect. Strengthens blood circulation, supports the removal of water and fat from the body, stimulates the penetration of oxygen;
Combined extract of WILD CHESTNUT+IVY+GREEN TEA – drains the retained water, tightens and smooths the irregularities on the skin of the body;
RUSKUS extract – a proven activator for improving blood circulation;
White grape extract – stimulates cell regeneration;
Menthol – gives an immediate feeling of freshness and a slightly cooling effect.

Use: Apply to problem areas with massaging movements until completely absorbed. It is recommended to use the gel in the morning and in the evening, after showering.

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