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Purpose: Folate is a vitamin group B vitamins (B11).
It contributes to the normal course of pregnancy and reduces
the risk of neural tube defects of the fetus - Spina bifida.
This is a birth defect that occurs in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy,
often before the woman understand that she is pregnant. 
It may affect one or more vertebrae, but most often is at waist level.
Depending on the severity of the effect of spina bifida,
the defect may be visible on the back of the baby, but in mild cases, 
there are no visible anatomical changes.
Any woman of childbearing age need 0.2 mg (200 micrograms)
daily intake of folic acid. It is necessary for proper cell growth
and development of the embryo. In pregnancy, this need increases.

Dose of 0.4 milligrams (400 micrograms) is an established practice 
in the world as a sufficient dose to compensate for the increased 
needs of the pregnant woman from folic acid.

Clinical studies show no adverse effects of folic acid-ABOPHOLIC
 and are not registered at reception of such patients. This does
 not mean that the overdose was harmless. Continued acceptance
 of folic acid in high doses can lead to unpredictable and undesirable
 side effects, and to mask the presence of certain types of anemia.
 So if your doctor has prescribed something else - 
take 1 tablet ABOPHOLIC 400 μg daily.

Nutritional information per 100 g: calories - 830 kJ (195.2 kcal)
Fiber - 76 g; vegetable fat - 4.75 g
Quantity: 1 blister = 30 tablets per box
Net weight (per 1 tablet): 300 mg
Storage: room temperature up to 25o C, cool, dry place
inaccessible to children. Store in original container.

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