A – Z Vitamins & Minerals


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A - Z Vitamins & Minerals 


With 28 Vitamins, Mineral Nutrients and Trace Elements Food Supplement with Sweetener  20 Effervescent Tablets with Mango-Orange-Pineapple Flavour

Only a balanced diet guarantees an optimal supply with essential vitamins and minerals. Very often these dietary guidelines are not respected and the supply with certain essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements becomes suboptimal. Already one ABO A to Z Effervescent Tablet per day provides your organism with 28 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Note: Pregnant women should check with their doctor before taking this product due to the Vitamin A content. 

Recommended Intake: One ABO A to Z Effervescent Tablet daily, dissolved in 200 ml cold tap water.  
Store ABO A to Z Effervescent Tabletswith the tube well closed in a cool and dry location.

Keep out of childrens´ reach.

Ingredients: citric acid , di-calcium phosphate, sodium hydrogencarbonate, magnesium carbonate, sodium carbonate, starch, flavoring, vitamin C, sweeteners, sodium-cyclamate and saccharin-sodum, potassium chloride, tri calcium phosphate, Iron-II-gluconate , zinc gluconate, niacinamide, potassium phosphate, vitamin E, selenium yeast, D-calcium-pantothenat, manganese-II-gluconate, sodium chloride, copper gluconate, vitamin-A-acetate, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin D3, vitamin B1, beta-carotene, folic acid, biotin, potassium iodide, chrome tric hloride, sodium molybdate, silicium di oxide, vitamin K1, vitamin B12.  


per 100 g

per tablet

 % RDA*

Vitamin A

13.333,3 µg

600 µg

75 %


26,7 mg 

1,20 mg

25 %

Vitamin E

222,2 mg

10 mg

100 %

Vitamin C

1.333,3 mg

60 mg

100 %

Vitamin K1

666,7 µg

30,0 µg


Vitamin B1

31,1 mg

1,4 mg

100 %

Vitamin B2

35,6 mg


Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 20 g




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