Nano White 28ml

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Nano White 28ml

Whitening Serum

ACTIVE: 15% merger of ascorbic acid, 2% α-arbutin, 0.1% extracts of liquorice

NANO WHITE is a unique combination of 3 active and safe active ingredients:

15% ascorbic acid

2% α-arbutin

0.1% of extract of liquorice

This composition is characterized by good tolerability and also is effective in removing moles. This combination NANO WHITE effectively combat pigmentary disorders: effect on overproduction of melanin, protects against damage caused by UV radiation acts as a powerful antioxidant and helps to restore vitamin E.

This improved whitening serum containing active substances act efficiently to remove pigment spots, thereby improving overall

skin health.

USE: a full-whitening serum or as a complement to aesthetic surgery

Without parabens - No phenoxyethanol - unscented