Uveblock 50+Light Fluid Tint

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Uveblock 50+Light Fluid Tint

Lightly tinted fluid cream. Rapidly absorbable texture that covers minor skin imperfections.

The product contains Ectoin, which protects cellular DNA.

The combination of chemical and mineral sun visors provides Ultra-high protection against UVB / UVA rays.

The product is water, sand and sweat resistant.

Does not contain parabens or fragrance.

PACKING: 40 ml cream

Extreme protection from the sun and for those for which solar radiation causes or exacerbates a skin disease (called photodermatoses, herpes, rosacea, vitiligo, erythematosus, pigmented lesions, etc.), as well as for those treated fotosenzibilizujícími drugs (tetracycline, chlorpromazine, sulfonamides, medicines for drainage, etc.) for persons with phototype 1 and those with particularly sensitive skin to the sun (fair skin, rusty or blond hair, freckles

the skin). It is especially suited also for people at risk of pigmentation (fresh scars, burns, chemical peels, laser treatments, pregnancy and women who use hormonal contraception or hormone replacement therapy in menopause. It is recommended as an extreme sun protection for skin areas most exposed to sunlight so-called . sun terrace - the nose, cheeks, ears, shoulders, back of the hand, instep, etc.