Aroma Intensive Wrinkle Smoother 30 ml.

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Aroma Intensive Wrinkle Smoother 30 ml. with Argan Oil
Night Concentrate Aroma Intensive Wrinkle Smoother is a special blend of five natural oils - argan, jojoba, almond, sesame and avocado designed to rebalance your skin and instantly refresh it.
The outstanding regenerative power of the night concentrate, rich in valuable ingredients, smoothes out the wrinkles and texture of the skin.
Thanks to the special ceramide and phytosterol containing SymRepair , it protects and restores the lipid layer, reducing redness.
Keeps moisture in the skin and prevents the appearance of fine lines. Gently applied in combination with the Intensive Wrinkle Reducer night cream, the rich night's concentrate accelerates its action.
Apply rich nightly concentrate every night on a cleansed face before Aroma Intensive Wrinkle Reducer Night Cream. 5-6 drops of inexpensive oils are sufficient for fed and hydrated skin. The concentrate regains the elasticity and softness of your skin by enhancing the effect of night cream. Invaluable natural oils for a radiant face without wrinkles!
Suitable for: 50+