Active Cream Health Acne Stop 50 ml

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Active Cream Health Acne Stop - 50 ml


A product for active skin and face care that helps fight any form of acne and oily skin.


Designed to treat skin prone to imperfections by supporting the renewal of its surface layer while treating inflammatory lesions and comedones, smoothing and brightening the skin.

The keratolytic effect of lactic and glycolic acids stimulates the renewal of the cells of the epidermis, smooths and illuminates the skin. Malic acid cleanses the skin and promotes the action of other active ingredients.

Performs effective and intense action by reducing buds and comedones and soothing redness.

The cream soothes and cleanses the skin, improves its appearance and limits the formation of new imperfections.


Size : 50 ml



Apply cream in the morning or in the evening on well-cleaned and dry skin.