Natural Nourishing Soap 100 gr

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Natural Nourishing Soap 100 gr


Natural vegetable soap enriched with natural concentrated in Bulgaria Rose Oil, Rose water and rose petals from Bulgaria dry cleaning delicate and tender skin type. Coconut oil and palm soften, nourish and ensure the comfort of clean skin. With a relaxing and delightful scent of rose oil, this soap has a remarkable aromatherapy action, eliminates stress, tones and relaxes. NOT contain parabens, SYNTHETIC DYES OR ANIMAL PARTS

Beauty by health, purity and harmony with nature.

Inspired by this natural and comprehensive approach, we have developed a new cosmetic series FLORIS REGINA - OIL ROSE OF BULGARIA. The use of plant components of the highest quality in its effective concentration is a priority in our personal care products.

The Bulgarian Rose oil is the essential oil more valuable, sought after and difficult to extract in the world. Is obtained by distilling rose petals from Bulgaria "Rosa damascena Mill." Considered the "queen" of flowers. Contains over 300 precious substances that influence the human body, making the Bulgarian Rose Oil is an elixir irreplaceable in the cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical and food from around the world. With anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerating, is the ideal medium for nutrition, hydration and regeneration of damaged tissues and aging. With a gentle fragrance and lovely, the Bulgarian Rose Oil has aromatherapy properties, relieving stress and acting as an antidepressant and an aphrodisiac.


▪ No parabens

▪ No synthetic dyes

▪ No animal ingredients

▪ Bulgaria Rose Oil 100% pure in each product

▪ Priority natural active components

▪ Textures that combine efficiency and pleasure