Proenzi Hyal

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Proenzi Hyal

For healthy articular liquid and better joint mobility

Contributes to better “greasing” and mobility of joints

Protects, nourishes and regenerates the articular liquid

Increases viscosity of the articular liquid and decreases the friction of articular surface/flats

Contributes to regeneration and protection of the whole articular and locomotive system

Arthrostop® Hyal is a unique preparation containing a natural extract of hyaluronic acidlubricating and nourishing the articular liquid. It helps to “greasing” of joints and has a favourable effect on their overall mobility.

Hyaluronic acid contributes to the health, mobility and lubrication of all joints in the human body. It allows easy, smooth motions of joints and keeps a good condition and function of the whole articular system.



Hyal-Joint® (sodium hyaluronate 60 – 70%)42,00 mg


1-2 tablets a day, wash down with reasonable volume of liquid, best after meals.