Buccotherm Dental Spray

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Sensitive gums – Dry mouth - Antiplaque

100% of PURE Castéra-Verduzan Thermal springwater, a cleaning, soothing and hydratating care, prefect for daily oral hygiene.

BUCCOTHERM Dental spray has 2 types of spray jets, allowing 2 different uses:


Stimulating and cleaning actionCleans between teeth, braces and implants
Revitalizes the gums
Useful for travelling


Soothing and hydrating action

Sensitive gums
Occasional bleedings
Dry mouth
gingival irritations

Directions for use:
BUCCOTHERM Dental spray can be used after brushing with BUCCOTHERM Toothpaste or BUCCOTHERM Toothpaste gel or all day long, as often as necessary. Spray as required onto the mucous membranes and gums or apply to the parts to be clean. Wait a few minutes. For adults and children.