Aloe Vera Juice with Noni

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Aloe Vera and Noni are well-known for their beneficial properties. A synergic combination of the two enhance the properties of each. Aloe Vera and Noni have some common elements (polysaccharides, minerals, amino-acids) that get stronger when put together. Each plant has however its unique features: Aloe contains more vitamins and enzymes than Noni, but Noni contains proxeronine and a few amino-acids that Aloe Vera does not contain. The joint action of Aloe Vera and Noni has purifying, soothing, energetic and beneficial properties that are especially good for the intestine, the immune system and for the physical and mental well-being. This juice has a pleasant flavour of blueberry that softens the rather unpleasant flavour of Noni. ESI uses pure juice of Noni coming from the Hawaii Islands. In the Hawaii Islands Noni is cultivated on lava soil, therefore it is rich in nutritional elements. The juice of Aloe Vera comes from plants that are grown without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Certified content in polysaccharides* min. 7,000mg/l *fraction with molecular mass bigger than 20,000 daltons.



Direction for use 1 serving size of 25 ml. of juice, 3 times a day, as it is or diluted in water.


Package : 1000ml


Ingredients : 

Aloe Vera (663 ml)
Noni (267 ml)
Honey (57 g)
Blueberry (2,6 g)