Bio Oil Lotion with Orchid Oil, Liquid Crystals and Panthenol

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Product Code: for very dry and weak hair against frizz
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Two phase product for fast and sensible effect designed for very dry and weak hair, put to frequent chemical and thermal treatments. Orchid oil and liquid crystals restore the impaired structure of hair as they nourish and strengthen it. Panthenol hydrates in-depth as it rediscovers the natural beauty and vitality of dry and weak hair. Protects from frizz and makes it easy to comb. The active ingredients incorporated into the lotion add extra softness, shine and elasticity of the hair. The lotion has a highly nourishing action and restores the strength and shine of the hair. Period for maximum restoration is recommended use of 1 ampoule after every wash for about 1-2 months. With rinsing! Product for dual-use – applicable to chemical treatment for protection of hair during staining and for extreme regenerating of dry and weak hair.

1 case contains 5 ampoules x 15 ml e