Air Oxy (Stabilised Aerobic Oxygen) Liquid 100ml

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Product Code: Air Oxy (Stabilised Aerobic Oxygen) Liquid 100ml
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Oxygen is essential for life and plays a powerful primary role in our health and well-being. It is one of the five elements required to sustain life. Aerobic Oxygen is a revolutionary new break through which can help to kill off harmful organisms and at the same time increase the concentration of oxygen in the body. Our polluted towns and cities often deprive us of enough oxygen to make us feel healthy and alert. Modern day emotional stress, toxic stress, physical trauma and infections all go towards depleting the oxygen reserves in our bodies. Aerobic oxygen contains negatively charged electrons that have attached themselves to molecules of oxygen thus creating ionised oxygen. Aerobic oxygen is very alkaline which is one of the tremendous benefits of this product.

How to use:

 Adults and children over 7 years; Place 20drops (approx. 2ml) in a glass and dilute with 200ml of water (approx. half a glass), stir and drink. Take three times a day, or as advised by a suitably qualified person.