2-day detox plan Liquid 100ml

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2 Day Detox Plan offers you help with detoxification, which is a normal body process to eliminate or neutralise toxins in the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin.  The 2 Day Detox Plan offers cleansing and purifying properties to the body, which is convenient after excessive alcohol intake or consumption of non-healthy fatty foods.  It contains scientifically selected herb extracts and powerful antioxidants, which have a specific action on the body to help eliminate toxic waste, keeping you clean and healthy.The herbal ingredients may help to stimulate certain organs allowing a complete detoxification of the body.Helps the liver to convert toxins from lipid soluble to water soluble and flush them out of the body.May help in colon care and optimum functioning of the digestive system, kidneys and for healthy skin and body.

How to use:

The 2-Day Detox Plan can be taken over a two day period to help you feel energized and revitalised by detoxifying the body, at any time or particularly after excessive drinking or eating.