Vitaslim BUST Complete Therapy

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- Women's Dreams Come True

Vitaslim BUST is a revolutionary new breast enhancement product of completely natural origin. It helps women have voluptuous, tight and firm breasts (with no surgical intervention or changes of body weight whatsoever) and enhances femininity. The product is so amazingly effective due to the combination of specially selected extracts of “female plants” and the unique technology for preserving them fresh in liquid form (patented Licaps® technology by Capsugel).


- Breast Correction

Thanks to its rich in isoflavones formula, Vitaslim BUST supports the physiological activity of mammary glands and stimulates the natural expansion of the breast tissue in women’s breasts. This leads to enlarged breasts which are lifted and tight at the same time. The product improves the shape and condition of breasts after giving birth, breastfeeding, diets, during climax, etc. Vitaslim BUST regulates the process of fat and fluid accumulation and retention in the human body, thus supporting women in keeping their normal body weight.


- Feeling of a Woman

Vitaslim BUST gives women fresh and attractive appearance – thanks to the isoflavones that contribute to the balance between the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the female body. The product helps lips look full and is beneficial for removal of spots and other defects on skin (particularly facial). It keeps libido normal and menstrual cycle regular, significantly improves mood and supports psychic equilibrium. Vitaslim Bust contributes to the relief of unpleasant feelings (such as hot flashes) during menopause.


- How to Take Vitaslim BUST ?

1 capsule daily – adults only. For better and long–term results Vitaslim Bust should be taken daily for at least three months.


Contraindications: not recommended for pregnant and nursing women, children (up to 18 years of age), as well as for people who are allergic to some of the product ingredients. Vitaslim Bust is also not recommended for people allergic to fish products (fish gelatin capsules).





CONTENT  in 1 capsule


Soybean oil, refined - 210 mg

Soyabeen extract - 150 mg

Dry extract of rhizomes of Dioscorea Opposita - 50 mg

Dry extract of flowers of Humulus lupulus - 50 mg

Essential oil of leafs and fruits of Illicium verum Hook, F. - 10 mg

Vitamin D3 (such as Cholecalciferol) - 5 µg


Additional ingredient: water, thickener: white beeswax, colorants: Е 171, Е 129, Е 133