NailVit 30 Capsules

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What Are NailVit Capsules?

NailVit Capsules are specially formulated to provide the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed by the body to maintain strong and healthy nails. By supplementing your diet with NailVit Capsulesprovides essential nutrients required for specific needs and keep yourself in optimum functioning condition. This product gives you strong healthy nails and will also promote a good digestive system, metabolism and circulation, balance hormones, maintain stress levels and detoxify the body.

What Are NailVit Capsules For?

  • Maintaining strong healthy nails
  • Preventing splitting and breaking nails

Who Needs To Use NailVit Capsules?

NailVit Capsules may be suitable for :

  • People with split and breakable nails, discoloured, spot nails.
  • People with a poor digestion that have toxin build up in the body and poor circulation.
  • Teenagers going thought puberty,
  • Men and the senior citizens who wish to look after their appearance.