Klorane Quinoral Caplets 60 Caplets

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Klorane Quinoral Caplets 60 Caplets

Klorane presents Quinoral, Hair Fortifying Treatment caplets for thinning Hair

To effectively stop thinning hair, it is as important to act locally as to treat inside. The Klorane laboratories, experts in the field of Hair Care since 40 years and leader in Pharmacy on this market, have worked out for this innovating purpose this new Hair Thinning complement: Quinoral.
It acts at first as a Hair Fortifying Treatment complement with quinquina extract selected for its high content in quinine, well-known for its properties stimulative and revitalizing. Developed to make the hair more resistant against the agressions which accelerate the hair growth cycle and involve in thinning hair problem, Quinoral is composed of two different capsules for two targeted and complementary actions:

-A green capsule, containing vegetable extracts of which the quinquina, known for its stimulative virtues, as well as the quinoa and "roquette" rich in sulphur molecules. This capsule allows a stimulation of the hair bulb, and a keratinous rebuilding of the hair. Result: the fall is slowed down, and the stimulated growth of the pilar follicule.

-A Ivory capsule, containing an essential vitamin complex with the good health of the hair. Thanks to this contribution of nutritive elements essential with the growth of the hair, this one finds its tonicity and its natural force. The association of these two capsules contributes to slow down the fall and to stimulate the growth of a healthy and vigorous hair.
Quinoral gave the evidence of its effectiveness with excellent results observed after 3 months of treatment, resulting in a return to a normal growth of the hair with a reduction in the thining hair, strengthened hair and which seems thicker.
Advise treatment: 3 following months
Recommendation to use:

Swallow at the same time a green and an ivory capsule the morning with water glass.

A box of 2x 30 capsules ( 1 month treatment)
Use Directions:
Swallow at the same time a green and an ivory capsule the morning with water glass.