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Acne Out - Hydro Active  - revitalizing and moisturizing

Acne cream out Hydro Active is designed for daily moisturizing skin care acne prone or subject to aggressive treatment with anti-acne products that have a strong drying effect. Is contained Panthenol has soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, retains moisture in the skin and increases its level of hydration. It accelerates the healing of skin and stimulates growth and cell renewal. Incorporated in vitamin E a powerful antioxidant and nourishing effect.

Greasy and Acne prone skin

ACNE OUT series consists of a revolutionary new formula for the treatment of acne, discovered, developed and patented by Biotrade. Acne out is a very effective non-antibiotical therapy in mild and moderate forms of acne. Particular advantages of Acne out therapy include safety and lack of side effects. The unique formula influences acne by: reducing the increased sebum production, killing the bacteria that cause acne - Propionibacterium acnes; preventing the formation of comedones and stops the inflammation of the skin and prevents complications such as hyperpigmentations and scarings.

The Acne out series is dermatologicaly tested and registered in Bulgaria as medical cosmetics for prophylaxis of acne.

The high efficacy was proven in the clinical trials performed.