Aloe Vera Blueberry Juice

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A unique blend of the entire leave and gel contained in the plant, prepared under the most delicate process, allows the natural components to remain unaltered, delivering the best natural activity of Aloe Vera juice-Maximum Strength- in harmony with nature, to promote the body’s depurative and lenitive actions and pleasantly flavored with pure Blueberry juice. A great help in cases of gastrointestinal inflammations (irritable bowel syndrome) and for those depurative, eupeptic and cholagogue functions. The Aloe Vera comes from plants cultivated free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers; certified product in polysaccharides* min. 7000 mg/l. *fraction with molecular weight bigger than 20.000 Dalton.




Direction for use 1 serving size of 25 ml. of juice, 3 times a day, as it is or diluted in water.

Package : 500 ml



Aloe Vera (470 ml)

Blueberry (1,3 g)

Honey (28,5 g)