Ecophane Comprimes

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Ecophane Comprimes

Dietary supplement for strong hair and nails, developed based hydrolyzed protein from wheat and sesame seeds rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Hair and nails consist of a core protein: keratin. Its formation requires the regular presence of amino acids and trace elements vinamini.

Ecophane Comprimes contains active ingredients carefully selected for maximum efficiency in this direction. Hydrolysed vegetable protein increases the concentration of amino acids rich in sulfur / mentionine - cystine /, which in turn facilitate the formation of keratin. Vitamins B5, B6, B8 and FD in combination with magnesium and zinc enhance the metabolism of hair follicle. In addition, algae and Spirulina, rich in nutrients of natural origin.

Use of a food additive in combination with shampoo series Ecophane.
Use Directions:
2 tablets per day during a meal with a glass of water for 3 mesetsa.Tabletkata may break to adopt more easily.