Silky face lifting cream

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New generation natural cosmetic – effectively stimulates the natural process, gives long lasting hydration of skin makes the complexion of skin smoother. Increases the elasticity and creates a feeling for shining and silky skin.Combination of important effective plant substances with ECO certificates for pure bio origin.

Active components and action:
Long lasting hydration: Fucogel – revolutionary biotechnological substance, soft polysaccharide, creates a protective layer with high moisture and 24 hour hydration.
Silky effect: grape extract – strengthens the collagen and elastyne in face skin, makes the skin look silky, soft and vital.
Lifting: grape seed oil – the most powerful anti oxidant, prevents the skin aging, smoothens the face.
Protection: Shea Butter – with high content of vitamins A, D, E and F, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and helps the cream to be well absorbed into skin, natural UV filter against the dangerous environment. 
Nourishes: Almond oil – it is tenderly absorbed, calms and softens the skin.

Use: Tenderly massage the cream on the clean face. It is absorbed immediately and you can put make up right after the cream.