Shampoo for healthy hair against hair loss

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Buy Shampoo for healthy hair against hair loss from Natural Biocare

Strengthens the hair bulb and the scalp in depth, stops hair loss
Acts after 2 – 3 weeks of regular use

The strengthening formulation of the shampoo is based on:
-the strongest bio active “growing factor” taken from the Solanium tuberosum / potatos/
-vitamin B5 and PP for stimulating the growth of hair
-extract from rosemary, aloe vera, wild garlic, burdock for nourishing and hydration of hair, stopping the hair loss
-high class of tender (washing substances) and and balsam for revitalizing of scalp and hair.

Use: moisture the hair, put the shampoo and massage the hair and scalp, leave it to act for 5 min. rinse good with water.
Recommendation: massage the scalp with soft parts of the fingers, this is the way to stimulate the blood circulation without any damages of hair. Wash the hair with water 36 – 37 o C / body temperature/.

The shampoo is suitable for strengthening the roots and thickening of hair of men and women and for permanent care of thin, weak hair and hair loss.

200 ml