Shampoo for greasy scalp, against seborea

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Buy Shampoo for greasy scalp, against seborea from Natural Biocare

Regulates the fatty secretion of the scalp in depth
Tenderly removes the dandruff
Softly washes and calms the scalp from itching and irritations
The effect is visible after 5 regular washes of hair

The healthy formulation of the shampoo is based:
-lactates of lactic acid and vitamin B5, calms the scalp and decreases the extra sebum
-extract from marigold, oak peels, mountain ash, rosemary, myrtle with have anti candida and disinfection effect
-high class of tender washing substances and balsam for volume and shining of hair
-menthol with toning effect for the scalp and it increases the action of the active substances.

Use: massage the hair and scalp after putting the shampoo for 2–3 minutes, rinse with cool water.
Recommendation: wash off the shampoo very well from scalp and hair, the remaining shampoo may cause oily scalp.

The shampoo is suitable for men and women with oily scalp and seborea.

200 ml