Shampoo against dry dandruff

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Buy Shampoo against dry dandruff from Natural Biocare

Hydrates the scalp and prevents itching
Softly cleans, without dryness, removes dandruff
Nourishes and makes the hair stronger
Acts even after the first wash!

Optimized balanced formulation based on:
-modern hydration, conditioning and soft washing substances, they reduce sebum secretion and clean perfectly the head skin
-vitamin PP and Ftonning the scalp and hair
-almond oil against dryness of scalp and for nourishment of hair
-bioactive extract from plant aloe vera, plantago, nettle, burdock, myrtle to prevents from dandruff and strengthens the hair
-salicylic acid to disinfection and dandruff
-glycerin for hydration of scalp skin and hair.

Use: moisture the hair, massage the scalp with shampoo , leave it to act for 5 min. rinse it with warm water.
Recommendation: Use shampoo 2-3 times per week for 6 weeks. Then go to the shampoo containing organic silicon or mild shampoo for daily use.

The shampoo is suitable for dry dandruff and itching of scalp for men and women.

200 ml