Green Energy

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Green Energy

A unique combination of three natural ingredients to help promote cellular health and optimal energy levels 

Green Energy is a unique combination of three natural source ingredients to help promote cellular health and optimal energy levels. 

1. AquaSource Algae from the Upper Klamath Lake-one of the purest and most mineral-rich algae in the world. 

2. Organic Alfalfa-as a food source grown worldwide, alfalfa is known for its long tap roots that gather minerals, amino acids and other nutrients from the soil. Alfalfa provides concentrated nutrition in a very digestible form. 

3. Hawaiian Spirulina-simply the best spirulina available because it is processed naturally and grown year around in the perfect climate of Hawaii, it is purity tested, guaranteeing superior quality and nutrition. 

Green Energy is one of AquaSource's best selling products for many years because of the synergistic combination of these three nutrient dense foods. 

Unlike other suppliers, our AquaSource Algae is never frozen and never exposed to high temperatures like most other drying processes. AquaSource's proprietary BioActive Dehydration process ensures maximum nutritional value is maintained.

Use Directions:

Take three Green Energy capsules daily to help sustain your body in today's demanding world.