Synchroline Synchrovit C 6 flacons 5 ml

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Product Code: Synchroline Synchrovit C 6 flacons 5 ml
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Due to the specific scavenger action of its active ingredients, Synchrovit C counteracts the damage induced by reactive oxygen species both on a cellular and macromolecular level. This unique liposomal serum has been specially designed for daily use to control chrono and photo aging reducing the visibility of wrinkles and expression lines after only 30 days of treatment. It is able to significantly improve skin texture and tone and to inhibit the development of skin spots. After 30 days of use; Synchrovit C has shown to improve superficial hydratation, deliver a soothing effect, reduce melanin production and significantly improve wrinkle depth.

Mode of application

Once or twice a day according to the photo aging degree. After the application it is possible to notice a light tingling sensation that normally disappears within a few minutes and progressively disappears after further applications.

Active ingredients

Pure L-Ascorbic acid, zinc, superoxide dismutase.