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Honey has a unique chemical composition! Itcontainsabout95% carbohydrates. Itscompositioninvolvesalsomineralsubstances, proteins, amino acids and vitamins. Theexaminationofbiologicallyactivepropertiesofhoney, asauniqueproductoflive nature, started hundreds of years ago, but it still continues nowadays. It is ascertained that taking honey influences positively the healing process after infectious diseases, inflammations of the gastric-intestinal tract, liver problems.

itisrecommendedtousecosmetic products with honey, but not pure honey for the skin:

Thesizeofparticlesisfrom10 micronsto10 nanometers, whichallowsforpenetrationin the deep layers of the epidermis;
- Thedoseofactivecomponentsisbalancedand conformed with the effect direction of the cream.
- Itallowsformakingcombinationswithanotheractivecomponents, which would complement the honey effect.
- It does not obstruct the skin pores;- Itmoisturizestheskin;
- Express effect of the product.

Effects of honey on the skin

- Stimulating;
- Detoxification;
- Neurotonic;
- regenerative;
- Pain-releasing;
- Antiseptic;
- Hypo-sensibilizating;
- Immune-biological protection

anddairyproductsareexcellentmeans for skin care. They are irreplaceable assistant with maintaining a good shape of the body. Proteinsandfatsofmilkprevent skin from drying. Apart from moisture, they provide the skin with nourishing components, which stimulate the skin, make it smooth and soft and advantage the preservation of its natural protection its fatty acid layer. Thanks to this protective film moisture is kept for a longer period of time in the derma, which is good for its elasticity.

OtheractivecomponentsinREGALCosmeticswith acacia honey and milk extract:

Palm oilit is unique for its ability to restore and maintain the necessary hydration of the healthy soft and elastic skin. Palm oil delays the evaporation of the natural hydration and restores the skin hydro-balance.

Avocado oilstimulates the blood circulation and skin metabolic functions. It protects against UV – beams, it has anti-oxidants and regenerating effect.

Sea-buckthorn oilit has a strong regenerating effect over the skin. It nourishes the skin with vitamins А, С and В.