Novophane Nail Cream

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Novophane cream acts at three levels :

- It limits dehydration of the nail by forming a film on the surface of the nail 

- It improves hydration of the nail with its moisturising agents 

- It restores flexibility and good cell cohesion by specific lipid intake into the nail



Intended for dry, brittle and irregular nails 

Helps to nourish and moisturise the nail 

Provides more strength and flexibility 


Directions for use 

Apply daily around the nail and massage gently 

Apply after each hand washing if necessary 

May be applied on nail polish 

May  be applied in one step



- Petrolatum (Vaselineā„¢) 

- Beeswax / Ozokerite (mineral wax) 

- Soft almond oil 

- Glycerol  / Urea

- Squalane

- Lecithin


Composition - Vitamins

No effect on the main matrix 

Effect on the nail bed which participates in nail plate formation.


- Panthenol

- Vitamin E

- Biotin