Neotone Radiance

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Neotone Radiance


Radiance Neotone sunscreen has a high degree of photoprotection (SPF 50), acting against Hyperpigmentation.

Indications. Radiance Neotone innovative formula of composition remove and combat the appearance Hyperpigmentation.

and also offers a high skin protection against UV radiation.

The product is recommended for the treatment of diseases such as:

- Hyperpigmentation.

- Lentigo, (age spots)

- Melasma


1. Removal of preformed melanin

2. Prevention melanin:

4% LUMISKIN (Diacetyl Boldine),

5% B-WHITE (biomometic peptide encapsulated in liposomal vehicle)

3. Maximum protection against UV-induced lesions (SPF50 +): Combination of filters with broad UVA / UVB filters and minerals.


Directions for use. Apply daily morning Neotone Radiance for a maximum photoprotection effect.

Radiance Cream Neotone designed to effectively remove pigment spots and also due to the high protective factor SPF 50 + as well as their prevention. 

Active ingredients:

1) Removal of already developed pigmentation

• 1% Vitamin C - gentle exfoliation, antioxidant, prevention of aging skin by increasing the synthesis of collagen fibers

2) Prevention of new moles

• 4% LUMISKIN (diacetyl Boldin)

inhibitor of cell receptor activity of the enzyme tyrosinase 

reduces the activation of tyrosinase regulation of calcium transfer

• 5% B-WHITE

inhibitor of tyrosinase activity and melanin pigment production

3) Protection from dangerous solar radiation 

combination of effective photoprotect UVA / UVB filters Active ingredients:- SPF 50 + 

15% Eusolex

9 % Tinosorb M

15 %Tinosorb S

2 % Dioxid de Titan