NUCLEONIX 1 Vials x 10ml

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It is advisable to use 2.5 ml per person, about 2.5 ml and 1.5 ml of the neck of neck.

Most modern cocktail combating aging tissue.

A powerful antioxidant that restores damaged by UV rays cells. Improves intercellular exchanges.
photodamaged skin
skin lesions ( acne scars , surgical and post-traumatic scars )
dehydrated and devitalized skin
estrogen deficits
pre and post-menopausal skin ( hypotonic aging skin )
Main ingredients :
DNA nucleotides support the process of synthesis of proteini.Podobryavat cell metabolism . Accelerate the process of cell division .
Green Tea Extract : Powerful concentration of nutrients such as polyphenols and tocopherols , which protect the skin from free radicals.
Spirulina : A blue algae rich in chlorophyll and proteins , amino acids and lipids. It also contains vitamin complex ACE tocopherol.
Hyaluronic acid : One of the main components of connective tissue responsible for hydration and skin elasticity.
APPENDIX : The number of steps depends on the type and condition of the skin. The results are visible after the first treatment . Recommended therapy by a week for three consecutive weeks.