Extra Mild Shower Gel Olive 200 ml

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Product Code: Extra Mild Shower Gel Olive 200 ml
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Extra Mild Shower Gel Olive 200 ml.


Softening shower gel, pH balanced, oil-based natural surfactant made from almond oil, olive oil and lactic acid soluble. Deeply cleanses dry and sensitive skin, restoring its softness, suppleness and elasticity. It contains no parabens.

Since ancient times olive oil known as "liquid gold" because of its extraordinary effects benefi ts for both health as well as outer beauty. Olive oil contains all kinds of unsaturated fatty acids, soluble vitamins, polyphenols, essential elements and waxes. Cient is very effective for dry, sensitive skin, preventative against premature aging and wrinkling.

Instructions for use: Apply on a damp sponge and rub over the body by gentle massage. Rinse with water after 1-2 minutes.