ASAM ARNICA salve with 250 ml.

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Product Code: ASAM ARNICA salve with 250 ml.
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Tired and overworked legs and joints. A restorative, soothing. Suitable for arthritis, burns, insect bites and more. The composition of the extract of arnica ¬ ant comprises oxidising agents, a high percentage essential oils (calm, cool, relieve pain), as well as a significant amount of flavones (stimulate the immune system). Helps with joint muscular and rheumatic pains, stiff muscles and joints, numbness, impaired mobility, spikes, muscle spasms after immobilization. Good effect in sunburn, eczema, acne, insect bites.
Recommended in the treatment of sports injuries and injuries such as sprains, bruises, stretch tendons, sprains, bleeding.